Uge 16, 2019

Det er påske tid, og mange supplerer helligdagene med nogle tiltrængte fridage. Du behøver dog ikke have dårlig samvittighed eller føle dig ude af loopet.

Digital Ugerevy har din ryg – her er de vigtigste historier om nye medier og digital udvikling fra påskedagene.

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Dette er stedet, hvor du kan få overblikket. Det handler om nye medier, sociale platforme og digital udvikling i mediebranchen. Det er dit brief på, hvad der er sket i ugen, så du kommer up-to-date, mens du nyder din morgenkaffe.

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<strong>Lars K Jensen</strong>
Lars K Jensen

Rådgiver og arbejder med digital udvikling og nye medier.

In this edition:

? Sociale medier 

Her finder du historier om eller fra de store sociale platforme, der har en enorm rolle at spille i kontakten mellem udgiver/afsender og modtager.


15 vilde måneder hos Facebook

Wired har en lang artikel om en intens periode hos Facebook. Du kan blandt andet læse om interne opgør om, hvorvidt Facebook skulle oplyse medier og udgivere om deres relevans-score:

But the engineers and product managers back at home in California said it was folly. Adam Mosseri, then head of News Feed, argued in emails that publishers would game the system if they knew their scores. Plus, they were too unsophisticated to understand the methodology, and the scores would constantly change anyway. To make matters worse, the company didn’t yet have a reliable measure of trustworthiness at hand.

Facebook ville bruge brugerdata i forhandlinger

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg oversaw plans to consolidate the social network’s power and control competitors by treating its users’ data as a bargaining chip, while publicly proclaiming to be protecting that data, according to about 4,000 pages of leaked company documents largely spanning 2011 to 2015 and obtained by NBC News.

Facebook høstede 1,5 millioner e-mailadresser

Since May 2016, the social-networking company has collected the contact lists of 1.5 million users new to the social network, Business Insider can reveal. The Silicon Valleycompany said the contact data was “unintentionally uploaded to Facebook,” and it is now deleting them.

Facebook lister mere dårligt nyt ud samtidig med Mueller-rapport

At the time, the social platform said an additional “tens of thousands” of Instagram accounts were also affected. But as happens seemingly every time Facebook discloses bad news regarding data privacy, it’s time to revise the number higher.

While the world pored over the Mueller report Thursday morning, the company quietly revised the count on its original announcement from “tens of thousands” to “millions.”

Nye muligheder med 3D-billeder på Facebook

Facebook’s 3D posts haven’t gained huge traction as yet, but they do offer an interesting, engaging visual option, which is likely to see more take-up as more people revert to newer smartphones.

Facebook tester swipe-News Feed

As Facebook looks to evolve in line with user behaviors, and meet rising demand for new formats, The Social Network is experimenting with a new News Feed layout which would enable users to side-scroll through the posts in their feed, the same as how they can through Stories.

Skal beskeder nu tilbage i Facebook-app’en?

According to code in the back-end of the Facebook app, The Social Network may soon look to bring messaging back into the main platform, as opposed to redirecting users to its separate Messenger app.

Facebook måske på vej med personlig assistent

Facebook is working on a voice assistant to rival the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant, people familiar with the matter told CNBC.

A Facebook voice assistant may have buy-in from marketers – but will users want it?
Marketing Land

Ads Manager får ansigtsløft

Facebook announced on Tuesday it is refreshing its Ads Manager interface to improve navigation and deliver a cleaner design to help advertisers manage campaigns. The company also said it will be updating its Business Manager platform later this year to make it easier for agencies to on-board new clients within the system.

Facebook drejer Watch i retning af YouTube

Facebook Watch’s transformation from a video section reserved exclusively for professionally made, episodic shows to videos of all kinds, from all kinds of creators, will soon be complete.

De andre:

YouTube linker mellem Notre Dame-brand og 9/11

Underneath live streams from CBS and others, viewers saw an explainer for the September 11th, 2001, attacks. These two things are completely unrelated, and there has been no indication that the Notre Dame fire is a result of terrorism or even criminal arson. 

The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet
The New York Times

Instagram skjuler antal Likes i ny prototype

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets.” That’s how Instagram describes a seemingly small design change test with massive potential impact on users’ well-being.

Sådan bruger medier Snapchats kuraterede Stories-funktion

CNN is one of about two dozen companies that has access to Snapchat’s Curated Our Stories, a product released last September where media outlets can search for public posts on Snapchat and curate them for a themed edition on Snapchat Discover.

LinkedIn klar med “teammates”

(Samtidig giver det dem også rimelig god data på, hvordan en organisation er skruet sammen…)

According to LinkedIn, its users are around 60% more likely to engage with content from their coworkers on the platform, as opposed to other connections that they don’t work directly with.

Catering to this, and in line with the platform’s ongoing efforts to boost engagement, LinkedIn is adding a new option called ‘Teammates’, which will enable users to prioritize updates from their immediate connections and have them appear higher in their feeds.

Kan man få folk fra SoMe til at se mere end én artikel?

Social media users tend to skim-read their feeds, rarely clicking on the media articles and even more rarely reading them in their entirety.

BHIVE, Bloomberg Media’s innovation lab, decided to find out what is behind the reading-and-leaving phenomenon and how to change user behaviour.

Og lidt om Twitter:

Snart muligt at skjule svar på Twitter

Assuming the feature is similar to the originally announced version, it would let users collapse replies to their tweets, hiding them from immediate view (although the tweets would still be there, visible to anyone who wishes to manually expand them).

Er det i orden, at journalister blokerer kritikere på Twitter?

But is blocking someone who is a respected member of the commentariat — and a frequent source for your news organization — okay if he’s tweeted something critical of you or your work?

Twitter-CEO vil gå fra profiler til emner

“Was that the right decision at the time? Probably not,” he said. “If I had to start the service again, I would not emphasize the follower count as much … I don’t think I would create ‘likes’ in the first place.”

Since he isn’t starting from scratch, Dorsey suggested that he’s trying to find ways to redesign Twitter to shift the “bias” away from accounts and toward interests.

Tips til din digitale markedsføring

Facebook Releases New Guide on Creating More Effective Stories [Infographic]
Social Media Today

How To Use Data To Build A Better Instagram Content Strategy
Social Insider

? Tendenser

Her kan du læse nogle af ugens tendenser indenfor medier. Det kan være en ny metode eller tilgang, branchen forsøger at tage til sig.

Anbefalinger er ikke alt

Anbefalingernes magt: Anbefalingsmaskiner er blevet et uundgåeligt konkurrenceparameter for indholdssalg online. MediaWatch kigger på teknikken og hører om erfaringerne hos danske medievirksomheder. I denne artikel har vi talt med de to største danske streaming-tjenester, DRTV og TV 2 PLAY.

Skal medier investere i indhold til smarte højttalere?

For example, even though “The Daily” has been widely successfulin its podcast form,  The New York Timesrealised they had to switch away from having it as the first option on smart speakers, moving to a shorter news briefing instead. 

Hård start for Apple News+

Five participating publishers Digiday spoke to detailed a series of early headaches, including struggles with Apple News+ article formatting, confusion about user experience and design, worries about jeopardizing big digital ad campaigns, and a gripe that Apple is favoring large publishers at the expense of smaller ones.

Et kig på Netflix’ svagheder

Netflix er et godt stykke foran i streaming-markedet, men de har også brugt mange penge på at komme derhen, og de bliver ved med at låne penge for at kunne bruge penge. Digiday tager et kig på verdens største abonnementstjeneste.

The question — which has become a popular one among film and TV executives who are equally impressed and frustrated by Netflix’s aggressive spending habits — is whether Netflix can sustain its spending.

? Business

Her kan du læse nogle af ugens historier og tendenser indenfor forretningsudvikling i mediebranchen. Altså det, der handler om at tjene penge.

Spotify ville betale dansk podcast med rækkevidde

Chefredaktør på Netudgaven kritiserer, at Spotify ikke ville betale for podcasten Kongerækken. “At få tilbudt eksponering for, at de kan bruge noget gratis, er ikke fedt,” siger han. DR har podcasts tilgængelig gratis på Spotify: “Vi når en yngre lytterprofil,” siger Radiochef. Spotify har ingen kommentarer

Både Spotify og Apple spiller det, der engang var platformenes sikre kort: Reach. Men udgivernes ønske om direkte relation til kunderne, ændrer spillereglerne.

Rækkevidde er ikke, hvad det har været

Schibsted støtter Spotify i kampen mod Apple

(Mon ikke støtten kun gælder så længe, Schibsted ikke vil leve af lyd og derfor ikke kommer i clinch med Spotify..?)

Schibsted has claimed that from the perspective of protecting free journalism, Apple represents as big a threat as Facebook and Google. As ad-funded media businesses have suffered while digital ad revenues have flowed to the duopoly, so subscription publishers are increasingly feeling the pinch as Apple takes a hefty cut of revenue and restricts data-sharing with them.

Axel Springers kamp mod AdBlock Plus

Axel Springer’s issue remains squarely with the business model of ABP, not with other non-profit, open-source ad-blocker software such as open uBlock Origin for instance. This software simply blocks the ads its two co-founders deem to be bad experiences. ABP’s receives revenue from publishers and platforms who pay to be on its whitelist so their ads can still appear — a model which earned it the mantle of a “protection racket” by former U.K. culture secretary John Whittingdale in 2016.

JPPOLs Watch Medier kan være på vej til udlandet

Nichemedierne i Watch Medier kan bygge bro til nye markeder, mener JP/Politikens Hus’ adm. direktør, Stig Ørskov, der barsler med udrulning af konceptet i udlandet.

Huffington Post klar med medlemskab

(Og der følger en T-shirt med…)

Ad revenue is unsteady or declining across the industry, and media companies of all stripes are trying to figure out where their next revenue stream is going to come from. 

The Information-chefredaktør overvejer annoncer

The former Wall Street Journal tech reporter said she sees an opportunity to match The Information’s readers with advertisements in its newsletters for things like jobs and events, information that the audience is interested in, just not “flashing banner ads.” 

Hvad er Sellers.json?

Sellers.json is a bit like the SSP’s version of the publisher’s ads.txt file. In the file, SSPs and exchanges will have to list all their authorized reseller partners along with their seller ID and any detail on the legal entity that owns that company.

Medium jagter 1 mio. abonnenter

Medium calls itself a publisher and a platform. But founder Ev Williams thinks partnerships with outside editors and other publications could play a bigger role in Medium’s continued subscriber growth.

? Udvikling

Her får du et kig på nogle af ugens historier indenfor den digitale udvikling og teknologi, der enten direkte eller indirekte kan have betydning for medier/udgivere.

Google vil foreslår alternative browsere og søgemaskiner

Google announced that it will begin rolling out new browser and search engine options to Android users in the European Economic Area (EEA). The move comes nine months after the Alphabet subsidiary was hit with a $5 billion fine by EU antitrust regulators for the way it reportedly forced manufacturers to preinstall certain Google apps on Android devices.

Hvad kan 5G betyde for journalistikken?

We believe 5G’s speed and lack of latency could spark a revolution in digital journalism in two key areas: how we gather the news and how we deliver it.

Dem, der bruger algoritmer og dem, der ikke gør

Denne artikel argumenterer for, at det virkelige digitale skel ikke ligger imellem dem, der har internetadgang og dem, der ikke har. I stedet er det mellem dem, der fravælger algoritmer – og dem, der bruger dem:

The savvier users are navigating away from devices and becoming aware about how algorithms affect their lives. Meanwhile, consumers who have less information are relying even more on algorithms to guide their decisions. 

Mulig løsning til AMPs URL-problem på vej

Men det vil tage tid…

That means Google has to get publishers on board to support the standard, which means yet more work for companies that are already burdened with making sure their content appears on the web, Apple News, AMP, and who knows where else.

Første anmeldelser af Samsungs foldetelefon

Galaxy Fold isn’t perfect. But it’s ambitious, futuristic, and feels like it could completely change smartphone design in the years to come. If you’re willing to put up with its charmingly, clunky first-generation foibles, this is the future.

En del anmeldere har brokket sig over, at telefonen er gået i stykker under test – og det har Samsung svaret på:

Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. […] Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.